BBQ Magic Tricks

Magic Peppermagic pepper2

1. Fill a dish with water.
2. Sprinkle pepper on the surface.
3. Put a little bit of dish soap on your finger tip.
4. Touch the water and watch the magic happen.

Make a shape with toothpicks and get them to “explode” out when you touch the water in the middle of the shape


Floating WaterUPSIDE DOWN water2

1. Fill a cup full of water. (like ready to overflow)
2. Press a paper plate on the top of the cup.
3. Carefully lift up the cup and flip over (you may want to hold both the bottom of the cup and the bottom of the plate while you do this).
4. Pressing as little as possible, lift the cup and watch the plate “stick” to the water cup.

Try it with different liquids or different sizes of containers.

How to Skewer a BalloonBalloon Skewer2

1. Fill a balloon full of air (you want to make sure that your skewer is longer than the balloon).
2. Dip the tip of the skewer in oil.
3. Insert the skewer on a stretchier part of the balloon (like around where the balloon is tied).
4. As you push the skewer in, twist the skewer back and forth.
5. Do the same as you push the skewer out the other side.

Hint: You can also overfill your balloon with air and then let some out before you tie the balloon. This will help stretch out the balloon.


Here is the full video of all the BBQ science magic tricks together:

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