Bubble Snakes

Here’s our video on how to make bubble snakes:


Top half of a plastic water bottle

Rag (big enough to cover the bottom opening on your bottle)

Rubber bands

Bubble solution


Add food coloring to your rag for a rainbow bubble snake. Make sure you use a rag that you are okay with staining and be careful not to get the bubbles on your clothes.

Do not inhale while trying to make bubbles.

Adding glycerin to bubble solutions can make the bubbles stronger.

Easy Bubble Recipe

1/2 C. dish soap

2 C. water

2 t. corn syrup

Gently stir the mixture together. Letting the solution sit over night may enhance your bubble results.

It’s Science!

Trying to blow a bubble with just water won’t work because the surface tension is too strong–the molecules want to stay together and not be stretched apart.  Bubbles can be created when you use a bubble solution because the surface tension is lower than water because there is soap in the solution.

When you make bubbles through a piece of fabric you are making many bubbles at one time. The bubbles stick together forming a “snake” because the molecules in the bubbles are attracted to each other. The hydrogen is attracted to the oxygen.

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